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The CSNN Alumni Association came to us to modernize their brand and online experience.

As a completely subscription-based association, their online presence was paramount to delivering value to their members. To keep their members returning for more, they needed a brand that would better resonate with their audience, and better organized & accessible resources.

Many agencies could deliver a clean & modern look, but they didn’t want a simple reskin. They needed a strategic, collaborative approach that would push them to deliver more to their members. Ultimately it was the enhanced user experience planning & wireframes that set Larche apart from the competition.

Informed by competitive and industry analysis, we presented four unique directions that would each pay tribute to the history of CSNNNAA and refresh the brand for the years to come.

With  brand book and wireframes in place, we set to work on the website.

Playing close attention to the backend functionality and the ease of enabling members to renew their memberships. We worked closely with the CSNNAA team to gather their new content and met weekly to discuss the project status, ensuring no rock was left unturned.

The CSNNAA website was launched in time for their annual conference, where their members were ecstatic of the new design, look, and flow.

mobile website mockup

The results?

The CSNNAA members applauded the association’s forward-thinking and found it much easier to find the content they were looking for, resulting in more user exploration and longer sessions.


user increase



Feb 10, 2021–Dec 31, 2021 vs. Feb 10, 2020–Dec 31, 2020