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Georgian Communities (by Georgian International) is a premier commercial and residential land developer, building the most sought-after communities in its market. But despite their impeccable reputation for quality, the competitive landscape was booming and a growing pool of developers were all vying for buyers’ attention. Georgian Communities struggled to make meaningful gains in qualified lead acquisition in the face of a thriving buyers market.

Meeting of the marketing minds

When we kicked off our engagement the bottom line objective was clear; we needed to scale Georgian Communities' growth and drive motivated buyers to their active developments. But we weren’t disillusioned into believing we were the only agency that could deliver on this objective - neither was Georgian Communities.

Ultimately, Larche was the right fit because we embraced a collaborative approach and valued Georgian International’s internal marketing contribution. Additionally, our team had full service in-house capabilities but was small enough to react with agility as needs and requirements changed.

Drafting the game plan

Our strategy team built an integrated digital marketing strategy that was fortified by the research in the preceding stage. Purchasing a new home is a significant life milestone, so we knew this wouldn’t be like turning a faucet on. We needed a robust plan that intrigued, maintained trust over time, and drove conversion when a lead signalled intent. The end result was a unique strategy per community, inclusive of Google Search, Display, Facebook, and Instagram. Once the initial testing phase was complete, we were able to scale reach efforts at the optimal ROI. A comprehensive goal and conversion tagging strategy allowed us to optimize aggressively on an ongoing basis and reallocate resources as performance and audience behaviours shifted.

Creative is everything

Excellent creative drives marketing performance. Full stop. Even the most clever strategist will falter if campaign creative fails to resonate. Georgian International was a particular thrill to work with because they were stocked with a rich library of stunning, original photography and video. It was up to our designers to adapt these assets for various ad platforms and transform them into captivating visual stories that left a lasting impression. Simply put, the viewer was able to clearly envision themselves and their family in the community and this ultimately influenced their decision to register.

The results?

An overall average conversion rate of over 4x the industry standard and an impressive low average cost per registrant. What’s more, Braestone, Mountain House, and Windfall ALL sold out all of their respective phases.


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