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Summit Veterinary Pharmacy (SVP) is the leading manufacturer of custom compounding medications for Canadian veterinarians and clinics. But in early 2021, you wouldn’t know it by looking at their website. So when they were in the final stages of completing their rebrand, they reached out to Larche to elevate their online presence and embark on a website redesign that better reflected their industry-leader status.

Retro computer monitor showing SVP's outdated website

Long overdue for an upgrade

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Our iterative process allowed us – and SVP – to zero in on functionality and make adjustments where necessary.

First, we conduct comprehensive research, to ensure the new website was built on a solid SEO foundation that elevated SVP’s online competitive standing. Next, we dove into the website strategy with SVP’s mission acting as our guiding light.

We developed intuitive user flows for primary website users (customers, prospects, and pet owners) and built an impactful navigation structure that allowed the end user to quickly access desired information. We rounded out the strategy phase with a wireframing process for all unique pages.

Wireframes of the SVP site

Our creative team tailored the site’s UI to match all requirements outlined in the strategy, while bringing the pages to life. We adhered to SVP’s brand guidelines but also contributed a distinct design perspective. The overall aesthetic is uniquely modern, sophisticated, and fun. We developed the website on a user-friendly, modular WP back-end so SVP’s internal marketers could easily maintain content management across the site, without disrupting the customizations developed by our team.

Laptop and phone views of the SVP website
Mobile view of the SVP homepage
Mobile view of an SVP website page
Mobile view of an SVP website page

The results?

The end result is a high impact website experience that delights both internal SVP stakeholders and end users. By implementing a website strategy that surpasses modern best practices and a cutting-edge responsive design, SVP saw an immediate increase in organic search traffic and a boost in CTR for generic terms across SERP in major Canadian cities.

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