Branding is literal mind control.

Brain with energy lightning bolts

Good brands physically wire themselves into our brains.

Make the same association enough times, and the brain will actually create new neural pathways to connect those thoughts more closely. We approach branding as the practice of prompting audiences to make those intended  mental connections.

Branding Workshops

Whether you're launching a new brand, considering a refresh, or in need of a positioning strategy, we can get key stakeholders and customers on the same page. Our tailored branding workshops include foundational theory and facilitated exercises to uncover your unique brand personality, hone your promise, and define your voice.

Our framework includes:
  • Branding psychology education
  • Persona market research
  • Collaborative stakeholder exercises
  • Brand pillars & foundational messaging

Messaging & Visual Guidelines

Strong brands are consistent. (by definition)

A clear set of brand standards goes a long way towards keeping all your players on-script. We work with startups and established brands to develop the brand toolkits that can scale from typefaces and colour codes to tone of voice and compositional style.

Stuff we do:
  • Brand audits & consumer research
  • Naming
  • Logo development
  • Visual language & style guides
  • Iconography
Finding punk-rock inspiration for a cybersecurity disruptor.
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Brand Activation & Collateral

Rules are meant to be followed. In new and interesting ways.

Discovering fresh and creative ways to make those brand connections delights customers and are the real opportunity to form long-term relationships with them.

Stuff we do:
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Key Messaging
  • Packaging
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Sampling & Experiential (XM)
  • Branded Premiums (Swag)

base their opinion of a brand on its website more than anything else.

Is your site up to snuff?